More than just a photo company



"It started as a high school project. From my late high school years I've wanted to bring quality art into people's homes. My first step was starting VonDrada Media.

From the beginning my mission has been two step: to come up with fresh, original artwork and to connect with aspiring photographers in the local community. It's been a dream of mine to consistently learn alongside other young, passionate photographers and furthermore jump start them into their professional careers. By taking part in my projects, amateur artists gain first-hand experience with photography and client relations, building up their professional portfolio. 

VonDrada has given me the medium where my two goals of creating and teaching can merge seamlessly.  It's been an absolute blessing to see all this come into fruition and thanks to all our supporters and clients, we at VonDrada Media have been able to offer many young photographers a chance at the game."

-Victor Rusu (Head Photographer)